Victims of the effects of global warming, the use of pesticides and the proliferation of its predators such as the Varroa mite Destructor, bees are now classified as endangered species. To survive, they need a suitable home and a little technology.

BeeLife imagined the CoCoon hive that treats varroa without chemicals with a purely biological weapon, thermotherapy. This technique consists in controlling the temperature without harming the health of the colony of the bees, or their fertility.


CoCoon therefore extends the life of bees, increases honey production by about 30% while improving the quality of honey.

The work of the beekeeper is greatly facilitated. It has no maintenance to perform: the system is self-powered and offers complete remote monitoring.


The hive is made up of an alarm that warns you if it detects an anomaly, a radio transmission, honey weight monitoring and thermal regulation.

Embedded technology warns whenever an anomaly is detected and autonomously manages the energy and temperature of the hive. It also allows him to follow the weight and humidity data in real time and to carry out the remote anti-varroa heat treatment.

The body of the CoCoon hive is made of eco-responsible wood fiber, as insulating as expanded polystyrene.

This allows bees in winter to maintain their temperature of comfort with four times less work.


This material is breathable and maintains a healthy and supportive atmosphere for the absence of parasites. Moreover, it is rot-proof and does not need painting or maintenance to maintain its qualities.

The ideal temperature inside the hive should be around 33°C  (91,4°F).


Thanks to the CoCoon hive, the bees have a constant thermal comfort : on the one hand by the heat transmission emanating from the solar panel in winter and thanks to a mechanical hatch of extraction of hot air in summer.