BeeLife is an Aix-en-Provence company that contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and bees.

Bees disappear, victims of heat waves and cold, mite varroa and the poor quality of their habitat, the hive. Solving the phenomenon of bee colony mortality linked to temperature changes and the varroa destructor mite is the starting point of the start-up.

BeeLife offers to individuals and businesses CoCoon, a new generation of connected beehives that allows to fight ecologically the main causes of bee mortality.


The CoCoon hive treats varroa with a purely biological weapon, heat (patent pending), and helps bees to live in a healthy habitat.


Our connected hive allows :

  • Treat the mite varroa destructor with a heat therapy system installed in the hive and avoid the use of pesticides used today

  • To create the ideal living conditions (and therefore production) for bees by regulating the temperature of the hive and to cope with external climatic variations.

Our history


Naoufel Dridi, veterinary doctor and Pascal Nuti, entrepreneur, met in 2017 and exchanged on their common desires to act against the problem of bee mortality.

From there appeared a beautiful friendship but also a beautiful project :

BeeLife and its connected hive CoCoon.


In July 2018, the two entrepreneurs decided to move to the Technopôle of the Environment Arbois Mediterranean in Aix-en-Provence.

They find their place in the pépinière CleanTech where they will be welcomed by many start-ups, including 5 who actively participate in the project. BeeLife was born.


2019 is the starting point for BeeLife!


In January, the start-up had the chance to participate in CES Las Vegas and win 2 prizes ! With a bonus "Tech For Good" award from the American media Digital Trends.

CoCoon will be marketed in March 2020.